Singapore 1st Flame-Grilled Beef Cubes

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19 Januari 2018 14:00

Something’s on fire in Plaza Sing and it’s not the weather…

Are you a lover of those succulent beef cubes from Taiwan but can’t them anywhere in Singapore? Well now you can, right here in Plaza Singapura! Started by two young Singaporeans, Cheo Tian Feng and Sean Lee, they aimed to create their own brand and bring the Taiwanese flame-grilled beef cubes to the hungry customers.

For a modest price, you can get 130g of flame-grilled Angus Ribeye steak cubes! Seasoned with olive oil and salt, the beef cubes are seared on the grill and with a blow torch. Cooked till medium doneness, these cubes has a smoky flavour and are absolutely juicy!

You can get the cubes with a sprinkling of seafood or garlic powder as they accentuate the flavours of the beef in their own way Top-up to get a helping of Japanese rice with yakitori sauce to make it a hearty and power-packed meal!

Be it that you’re a ravenous meat lover or you just miss those beef cubes from your last Taiwan trip, this is place for you.

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