Perkedel Jagung - How To Make Corn Fritters Indonesian Style

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13 Agustus 2013 15:50

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How to make corn fritters, Indonesian style, we call it Dadar Jagung or Perkedel Jagung. Here's the simple steps how to do it.

3 Fresh corn - tin one will be fine, just doesn't taste fresh (jagung segar)
3 Kaffir Lime Leaves (daun jeruk purut)
1 table spoon Prawn paste/ fresh prawn, not too much or it will overpower the corn (udang cincang)
1 teaspoon kunci powder Bubuk kunci) - only in Indonesian shop.

If you couldn't find it, galangal is ok.(laos) - don't be shy with this KUNCI powder, it tastes amazing,
1 egg (telur)
Salt (garam)
Pepper (lada)
Sugar (gula)

Corn flour, rice flour, plain flour (tepung jagung, tepung beras, tepung terigu). Ratio 3:2:1
Self rising flour will be better for use instead of plain flour
More rice flour will help to get it crunchy but too much will make it hard to chew.

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